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A short, kinetic VN made for Yaoi Jam 2018.

An unnamed and soft-spoken bartender listens in on stories from Antonio, a man with a cybernetic eye, and Orion, a new face at the bar.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(46 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Made withPaint Tool SAI, Ren'Py
Tagsartificial-intelligence, Cyberpunk, Gay, LGBT, Slice Of Life, Yaoi
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


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StrawberryDaiquiri-1.0-win.zip 33 MB
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StrawberryDaiquiri-1.0-linux.tar.bz2 37 MB


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It was a good short story. The art is very nice. I was kind of surprised by the resolution/lack thereof for the first story. I expected that it would have some relation to the development of sentient robots, but it didn't really hint at what allowed the intelligent robots to be made.

This was so adorable, I loved the art style. 

Liked it, but wasn't necessarily my cup of tea. Will like to see more from the universe regardless and enjoyed the art a lot! 


They story is cute and the characters are likeable. I enjoy the story and getting to know the characters. I would love to play more games like this in the future. :D 

Deleted 1 year ago

Awesome! Can't wait to try it out :D


This is such a fun idea; it was so relaxing listening to Antonios stories.

I would love to hear more of his stories/ or stories from other customers :)


I love this! This was a really enjoyable story and the characters are instantly relatable.

Thank you!! :)

Very Cute! Love the story!

Thanks :)


would love for a part two from Orion's or Antonio's perspective as a sequel


I love this game, a lot was left unexplanied though. I hope for a part 2. 


Clever twist! It's very sweet, and it's feels like there's something more after...?
Is this the intro to a larger story?

Maybe one day! For now, it was just meant to be our first VN, so it is a complete project.


I Actually have never Commented, and Probably never will again.

    I really liked this, Way more than I should!!!!! Which tbh, its length adds to how amazing it is. I can Play through it. every. day.   The Music is sweet and I felt warm the entire time Going though.   This is absolutely Worth it. 

 Anyway- Thank you for making this.

Wow, thank you! I really appreciate your kind words.


This game is what 'short and sweet' was meant to describe all along! Manages to establish a nice atmosphere in  its short runtime and is very genuine-feeling. Charming art and good writing in a nice, casual style which fit the vibe perfecly. All in all adorable. Worth anyone's time!

Thank you for your kind words!!


This was a super cute game, I enjoyed it! The music was nice and jazzy, set a good mood.  Interesting 'twist' at the end.  Art style is great.  Seriously great work!!

Thank you for your kind words!!

Strawberry Daiquiri is an, interesting read. Would be nice if there were choices. I haven't finished the game but, as, far as I got there were no choices. The art style is great, the story is amazing but, just didn't feel like a game as, far as I got.
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There's a subset of visual novels called "kinetic novels" that Strawberry Daiquiri falls into; it's there to serve the purpose of showing you the story in a linear and organized fashion. I've made quite a few myself-- and they are very fun!

So I think you'd be more satisfied reading the story with that in mind-- instead of thinking of it as a game; think of it more as a comic or novel that you're able to control the pace of.  :)


Thanks for explaining! As I've read more and more VNs, I've started to prefer less choices in them. I'll be sure to check out your VNs sometime too!


Aw hey, you're welcome and thanks for checking out my stuff! Right now I only have a handful of visual novels but I've got two BIG ones coming up with mostly linear plots, with tiny deviations. :D I make some pretty fun comics too! <33


Okay this looks like a cute game and well done- I'll check it out!


This was a cool little story. Played well and nice to have an ending. Shame there were no decisions to change the story but it told the story well enough. Sound was ok and played smoothly. The artwork was very nice. Great job... :)


Great VN!

I hope they make more in the future :)


I'm a little biased since I helped out with editing, but this is a very good and cute VN and I recommend it. :) It's cool how it just gives you a little peek into a future world, and it definitely left me wanting to see more of these fun characters.